How To Find Out If A Concert Venue Is Family Friendly


Chances are that if you’re looking for family-friendly concert venues near you, you’re doing one of two things: 1) going to a show with the entire family; or 2) you’re deciding whether your child (pre-teen to teen) can go to likely a first concert. It can be a nerve-wrecking moment for any parent because your aim is for everyone’s safety, which can seem like kind of a downer. Still, a parent does what a parent does, and you need to know if a local concert venue works for family entertainment.

First things first, go online. The internet is more than just a collection of cat videos and ways to find out how to start an herb garden. There are a number of “parent-centric” websites that provide valuable information on a variety of family-friendly venues. You can also take the time to research a venue’s ratings from previous patrons. A number of online services are tailored specifically for customer reviews.

Also, ask friends, family members, and neighbors who have been to the venues you’re looking at & see what they think. In many ways, these in-person testimonials can be pivotal in the decision you end up making for your own family.

One final way you can ensure if a concert venue is family-friendly is by actually contacting the venue directly. In this day and age of not making phone calls, getting on the horn with someone at the venue can prove to be the main reason you do or don’t attend a show (email works as well). Ask about their alcohol policies & how they handle patrons whose aim is to be over-served. Find out if there are ever shows for specific age groups that do not involve alcohol sales. Ask about seating, security, you name it. The goal is to find out as much as you can.

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